Looking after Hedgehogs

So you found a hedgehog out in the daytime?  Yes, he is nocturnal and being out in daylight means he is in trouble.  Nowadays, eviction from his habitat is all too common, but more likely your casualty is orphaned, injured, poisoned, ill, cold or starving and needs help.  If he doesn’t bother to curl into a ball he is not tame but ill.

If he is laid on his side his condition is serious.  In winter he must weigh 1¼lb or 500g.  He may be too small to survive hibernation.

The following are signs that your hedgehog
urgently needs expert help or a vet:

  • green faeces, diarrhoea or blood
  • broken limbs or wounds
  • skin crustations or baldness
  • if his skin hangs loosely enough to reveal his bone structure
  • if he coughs or wheezes
  • has obvious dental problems
  • feels cold to the touch

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If you have a hedgehog emergency please telephone 01507 450221 day or night