Caring for Hedgehog Orphans

  • If you accidentally disturb a mother with young do not handle the babies as she will abandon or kill them if they smell of humans.  Replace their cover gently and carefully with a stick and keep their whereabouts a treasured secret between you and a thankful mum.
  • If you do find an abandoned baby or orphan squeaking for help he needs protection from flies, a feed mix of ⅔ goats milk and ⅓ goat colostrum, from a goat farm or breeder.  If you cannot get to a goat farm then use Esbilac, which is a puppy weaning formula and can be purchased from or other online shops.  Drip 1 to 2 ml. slowly from a syringe at 2 hourly intervals and stimulation to urinate after each feed.  The mother would do this by licking the baby’s genitals.  You can do it with a damp tissue or cotton bud.
  • Constant warmth is essential for his survival.

Hedgehog-care-rescue-orphansFurther information and advice is available on request.

If in doubt please phone Elaine or a local vet.

If you have a hedgehog emergency please telephone 01507 450221 day or night