Hedgehog Care Rescue Sanctuary Care of Hedgehogs

Care of Hedgehogs

Lincolnshire's famous little hedgehog hospital

Elaine started Hedgehog Care in 1980
Apart from her pension, Elaine relies entirely on donations
It costs around 40p per day to feed a hedgehog
There can be up to 200+ hedgehogs to feed a day
Elaine spends about £300 a month on vet bills
Hedgehogs are now an endangered species
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Looking after Hedgehogs

Have you found a hedgehog out in the daytime? 

As hedgehogs are nocturnal, being out in daylight means he/she is in trouble.  And will definitely require your help.

Nowadays, eviction from their habitat is all too common, but more likely your casualty is orphaned, injured, poisoned, ill, cold or starving and needs help.  If he/she does not bother to curl into a ball he is not tame but ill.

If he/she is laid on his side then the condition is serious.  In winter he/she must weigh 1¼lb or 500g.  he/she may be too small to survive hibernation.

The following are signs that your hedgehog urgently needs expert help or a vet:

  • green faeces, diarrhoea or blood
  • broken limbs or wounds
  • skin crustations or baldness
  • if his skin hangs loosely enough to reveal his bone structure
  • if he coughs or wheezes
  • has obvious dental problems
  • feels cold to the touch

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We Can No Longer Accept Visitors

As of April 2021 Hedgehog Care is no longer a visitors attraction so please do not call by.

With old age, family illness and Covid threat, we are always open for Hedgehog patients and casualties but sadly no longer for showing visitors round.

Hoping you will understand and continue support.
Love Elaine and Hedgehogs.

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If you have a hedgehog


please telephone

01507 450221

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