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Lincolnshire's famous little hedgehog hospital

Elaine started Hedgehog Care in 1980
Apart from her pension, Elaine relies entirely on donations
It costs around 40p per day to feed a hedgehog
There can be up to 200+ hedgehogs to feed a day
Elaine spends about £300 a month on vet bills
Hedgehogs are now an endangered species
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Winter Boarding for Hedgehogs

In winter a hedgehog must weigh 1¼lb or 500g.  If not, he may be too small to survive hibernation.  By November, late born or underweight hedgehogs need taking indoors to prevent hibernation.

  • Warmth is essential so do not expect him to survive in the porch, rabbit hutch or cold garage.
  • His lack of fat reserves means he is unable to arouse from the deep sleep induced by cold weather.
  • Check droppings regularly for signs of infection requiring antibiotics.
  • He needs worming with medication that includes treatment for lungworm e.g. Panacur or Ivomectin injection (from the vet).
  • Please explain to any children that stress can kill him.
  • He’ll probably need to stay until April/May before he is released back to the wild weighing at least 1lb.

Hibernation Boxes

You can make your own hibernation boxes with our hedgehog house plans.

Or volunteer to make them for Hedgehog Care. These will keep garden hedgehogs, that are big enough to hibernate by them selves, alive.

Hedgehog Care Rescue Sanctuary Hedgehog House Plan

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We Can No Longer Accept Visitors

As of April 2021 Hedgehog Care is no longer a visitors attraction so please do not call by.

With old age, family illness and Covid threat, we are always open for Hedgehog patients and casualties but sadly no longer for showing visitors round.

Hoping you will understand and continue support.
Love Elaine and Hedgehogs.

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