Hedgehog Care the Movie

Hedgehog Care – The Movie!

Lincolnshire's famous little hedgehog hospital

Elaine started Hedgehog Care in 1980
Apart from her pension, Elaine relies entirely on donations
It costs around 40p per day to feed a hedgehog
There can be up to 200+ hedgehogs to feed a day
Elaine spends about £300 a month on vet bills
Hedgehogs are now an endangered species
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Hedgehog Care – The Movie!

Hedgehog Care the Movie

Elaine and Stacey star in a short film about Hedgehog Care that gives an idea of how much effort they put in to rescuing and looking after the hedgehogs. It is quite informative if you have not been to Hedgehog Care or had chance to chat with Elaine or Stacey. Many thanks for making this […]

BBC Lincolnshire Paul Robey Show 02/11/13

Hedgehog Care Rescue Sanctuary News BBC Radio 02.11.13

If you didn’t get chance to tune into Elaine’s interview this morning on the BBC Lincolnshire’s Paul Robey show then you can hear it here for the next 7 days only.  Although he doesn’t mention the Hedgehog Care website during the interview a quick call to the BBC gets him plugging the site very well […]

Hedgehog Weather Emergency!

I spoke with Elaine yesterday and she alerted me to a serious problem hedgehogs are facing at the moment. This hot weather is drying up the ground and making it difficult for them to find food.  And the situation with water is critical.  She is seeing an increase in dehydrated hedgehogs being brought in. When […]

Error on Sponsors Page

There was an error on the new Sponsors page.  I mistakenly put the old Spike’s World website 🙁 The correct information is as follows: Spike’s World- for the supply of Spike’s Dinner hedgehog food and many other hedgehog necessities: www.spikesworld.co.uk Apologies to Spike’s World and anyone else who bookmarked the site.  Please update your bookmarks […]

Updated Sponsors Page

The page that lists the people and companies Elaine would like to thank for their kind help, support and donations of supplies has been added to the website and updated. Elaine is very grateful for all the help she receives and if it were possible would thank everyone personally.  The Hedgehogs are eternally grateful too […]

Hedgehog Awareness Week

It is Hedgehog Awareness Week from May 5th to 11th 2013.  It is organised by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and aims to highlight the problems faced by hedgehogs and what you can do to help them. The Hedgehog Care website already has much of this information on it.  Hedgehogs face problems all year round […]